Whitepaper Files ≈ Packet Storm

Demystifying Nmap Scans At The Packet Level This paper contains a step by step detailed walk-through of different nmap scanning techniques and how the nmap traffic looks like in wireshark for each scan. The objective of documenting the paper is to get a better understanding of packets while initiating any nmap scan so that it can help in bypassing firewalls or debugging what went wrong between the source and destination. It can also help in writing basic firewall rules.
Exploiting PHP_SESSION_UPLOAD_PROGRESS This whitepaper discusses chain session upload progress to remote code execution when taking advantage of local file inclusion.
hardwear.io 2021 Netherlands Call For Papers The call for papers for hardwear.io 2021 in the Netherlands is now open. It will take place October 28th through the 29th, 2021 at NH Hotel Den Haag, The Netherlands.