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Kerberoasting Guide This document covers all the basics of the Kerberoasting attack scenario.
Comprehensive Guide To FFUF This documents discusses using the ffuf tool, which stands for Fuzz Faster U Fool.
Comprehensive Guide On TShark This document is a guide on how to use tshark effectively to monitor and analyze traffic.
Wordlist Overview This is a brief whitepaper that discusses wordlists, where to get them, and when to use them.
HTTP Host Header Attacks This is a brief whitepaper that discuss HTTP Host header attacks.
WordPress Plugins Analysis This is a whitepaper called WordPress Plugins Analysis.
nullcon Goa 2021 Physical Edition Call For Papers The Call For Papers for nullcon Goa 2021 Physical Edition is now open. Nullcon is an information security conference held in Goa, India. The focus of the conference is to showcase the next generation of offensive and defensive security technology. It will take place in September of 2021.
SMASH: Synchronized Many-Sided Rowhammer Attacks From JavaScript In this paper, the authors show that under realistic assumptions, it is indeed possible to bypass TRR directly from JavaScript, allowing attackers to exploit the resurfaced Rowhammer bug inside the browser. In addition, their analysis reveals new requirements for practical TRR evasion. For instance, they discovered that activating many rows in rapid succession as shown in TRRespass may not always be sufficient to produce bit flips. The scheduling of DRAM accesses also plays an important role.
ZeroNights 2021 Call For Papers The ZeroNights 2021 Call For Papers has been announced. It will be held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia on June 30th, 2021.
Cheating Cheaters - Malware Delivered As Call Of Duty Cheats The video gaming industry is a popular target for various threat actors. Players as well as studios and publishers themselves are at risk for both opportunistic and targeted cyber-attacks - tactics range from leveraging fake APKs of popular mobile games, to compromising accounts for resale. Even APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) actors have been known to target the video gaming industry.This report will examine a hacking tool being promoted for use against gamers by masquerading as a cheat for Call of Duty: Warzone. This particular tool is considered a dropper, a piece of malware that is used t...