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Assembly "Wrapping": A Technique For Anti-Disassembly Whitepaper called Assembly "Wrapping": A Technique for Anti-Disassembly.
WhatsApp Remote Code Execution Whitepaper discussing how to leverage the WhatsApp remote code execution vulnerability that takes advantage of a double free vulnerability in the DDGifSlurp function in decoding.c in the android-gif-drawable library.
Exploit Command Injection Router Via Reverse Firmware Technique Whitepaper called Exploit Command Injection Router via reverse firmware technique.
Active Directory Exploitation Cheat Sheet This is a cheat sheet that contains common enumeration and attack methods for Windows Active Directory.
Writing A Quick Packet Sniffer With Python And Scapy Whitepaper called Writing a Quick Packet Sniffer with Python and Scapy.
Cloud As An Attack Platform This is a whitepaper that presents an exploratory study of responses from 75 security professionals and ethical hackers in order to understand how they abuse cloud platforms for attack purposes. The participants were recruited at the Black Hat and DEF CON conferences. The researchers presented the participants with various attack scenarios and asked them to explain the steps they would have carried out for launching the attack in each scenario. Participants' responses were studied to understand attackers' mental models, which would improve their understanding of necessary security controls and...
Reverse Engineering Android Application Whitepaper called Reverse Engineering Android Application.
Detect SQL Injection WordPress Plugin Using RegEx Whitepaper called Detect SQL Injection WordPress Plugin using RegEx.
Abusing Windows Data Protection API Whitepaper called Abusing Windows Data Protection API.
IOT Firmware Analysis Whitepaper called IOT Firmware Analysis that walks through extraction and analysis.