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Kong Admin API Overview This whitepaper compiles notes that can be useful to security researchers if access to the administrative API is achieved.
UFW - A Beginners Guide To Linux Firewall Whitepaper called UFW - A Beginners Guide to Linux Firewall. The white paper is intended to provide information about a Linux firewall using a simple tool called UFW. It provides complete information on the tool and various ways through which users can create their own firewall rules to protects their assets.
Deep Insight Into Social Engineering Whitepaper called Deep Insight into Social Engineering.
Practical Insight Into Injections Whitepaper called Practical Insight into Injections. This document describes the meaning, working, implementation, and impact of injection vulnerabilities.
Blind SSRF With Shellshock Exploitation Whitepaper called Blind SSRF with Shellshock Exploitation. It discusses how an attacker can leverage shellshock to also perform server-side request forgery attacks.
A Hands-On Approach To Linux Privilege Escalation Whitepaper called A Hands-On Approach To Linux Privilege Escalation. This document is intended to provide multiple techniques that a pentester can use to escalate their privileges and gain access to higher roles.
Injections 101 Whitepaper called Injections 101. It covers everything from SQL injection to XML injection.
Wireshark For Noobs Whitepaper called Wireshark for Noobs.
Practical PHP Security Whitepaper called Practical PHP Security.
Ethical Hacking And Penetration Testing Guide Whitepaper called Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Guide. Written in Turkish.