Whitepaper Files ≈ Packet Storm

Unexplored Warfare Of 21st Century Whitepaper called Unexplored Warfare of 21st Century. It analyzes Pegasus and Chrysaor.
Web Application Firewall Bypass Via Bluecoat Device Whitepaper called Web Application Firewall Bypass via Bluecoat Device.
Collecting The Data From Volatile Memory In Digital Forensics Whitepaper called Collecting the Data from Volatile Memory in Digital Forensics.
Hypervisor Necromancy - Reanimating Kernel Protectors Whitepaper called Hypervisor Necromancy - Reanimating Kernel Protectors.
The R.A.T In The Shell This whitepaper is an analysis of the breach into the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant through the lens of Cyber Kill Chain, the study of remote access trojans, and the targeting of critical infrastructure.
HTTP DoS / DDoS Tools User Manual This whitepaper acts as a user manual to go over HTTP DoS and DDoS tooling. Written in Turkish.
Packet Sniffer To Sniff Sensitive Credentials Only Whitepaper called Packet Sniffer to Sniff Sensitive Credentials Only.
Apache2 Web Server Hardening Article This is an article discussing Apache2 Web Server hardening. Written in Turkish.
Bsides Brussels 2020 Call For Papers BSides Brussels is a security conference in Brussels, Belgium, with talks, workshops and villages. The goal is to strengthen the exchange of knowledge, cooperation, communication, and integration between the different actors active in the IT security industry. We are pleased to announce that the first edition of BSides Brussels will be held on May 28th, 2020.
REVULN 20x2 Call For Papers REVULN 20x2 is an international conference taking place the June 25th through the 26th, 2020 in St. Paul's Bay (Malta) at the Hotel Santana.